Knot-Just-Pretzels-New-York-Untapped Cities.jpgKnot Just Pretzels in Penn Station

The much maligned Penn Station holds the reputation for being the single busiest transportation hub in the United States, serving an impressive 300,000 passengers a day. But to the average New Yorker, it’s notorious for being quite possibly the most hated building in entire city. Not only is it difficult to maneuver around the throngs of people, but the station itself is a replacement of a much grander landmark. Despite these grievances, we urge you to pay attention to the signage and discover some great puns in Penn Station. (Or should we say, Pun Station?)

Tiecoon-New-York-Untapped Cities.jpgTiecoon!

Petal-Pusher-New-York-Untapped Cities.jpgThe Petal Pusher

Soleman-New-York-Untapped Cities.jpgSoleman

Join us for an upcoming tour of the Remnants of Penn Station:

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

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