Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-051

Last year, we published photos from our trip to the abandoned 5-star Hotel Belvedere just outside the UNESCO city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. While we don’t publicly condone breaking and entering abandoned spaces, when readers contact us about access, we do share some of our tips. Untapped Cities reader Thomas Löbig asked us how to get to the roof with the pool, and then shared his photographs with us after his expedition.

The hotel was destroyed in the during the Croatian War of Independence in an attack by the Serbian navy when the hotel was just six years old. Thomas made it to some locations we didn’t get to the first time, like the cafes and restaurants but didn’t find the mythic wine cellar that is rumored to be there (intact, they say…). It’s fun to see that a lot of the graffiti has remained, even after a few years (our photos were taken in 2010).

It’s hard to show just how large the complex is, as this is just a small portion of it:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-002

View looking up:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-065

Former patio:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-005

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-013Crest was painted over for the combat battle scene between The Mountain and Oberyn in Season 4 of Game of Thrones. See what it looked like beforehand here.

Exterior elevator:Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-009

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-011

The doors of the gates seem to have been lost since our last visit:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-016

Bathtubs lining a corridor:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-023

Former Cafe Maximillian:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-025

Night club:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-031

Restaurant Roland:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-032

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-028

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-036

A former kids club, perhaps?

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-024

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-037

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-038

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-041

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-045

Pool area:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-047

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-049

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-052

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-053 Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-056

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-058

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-062

The mechanical areas that are situated close to the water:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-067

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-068

Creepy empty elevator shafts:

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-076

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-077

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-078

Hotel Belvedere-Abandoned-Croatia-Dubrovnik-079