Eude de Montgolfier-Untapped Cities

This week, we profile Untapped Cities’ Berlin City Correspondent, Eude de Montgolfier who has written about street art havens in Berlin and his home town of Paris.

What’s your “day job”?

I’m working as Country Manager France for the Avenso AG company, a German photography company that owns galleries and a lab as their liason to their Parisian galleries.

What’s your favorite Untapped spot in Berlin?

One of my favorite Untapped spots in Berlin is the abandoned historic ice factory I wrote about that is going to be demolished.

Favorite piece you’ve written for Untapped:

The piece about the street art haven in Patin, Paris.

What’s the most memorable thing that happened to you while at Untapped Cities?

For the piece on Berlin’s “Kantonstraße“, when I interviewed Mr. Ting, the chinese caterer, who taught us the history of the Asian communities in Berlin.

What’s your favorite Untapped place you’ve visited while traveling? 

I’ve always thought that the Buddhist Pagoda in the Bois de Vincennes in Paris would be a perfect topic for a spring article. The Buddhists gather sundays and cook outside.

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Travelling to the NgoroNgoro crater in Tanzania… that was just the origin of the world!

Best Celebrity Sighting:

Tilda Swinton on a car park in LA!

What are some of your favorite websites?, Vice and Finding Berlin