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According to the Rules of the City of New York, Section 4-08 (E)(9): “It is against the law to park, stand or stop within or otherwise obstruct bike lanes.” Photo from Cops in Bike Lanes by Mikey Q

Last month a new Tumblr surfaced called Cops In Bike Lanes, that is dedicated to calling out NYPD officers obstructing bike lanes. The blog was featured at Gothamist recently and was begun by a NYC cyclist who often uses these bike lanes to get around.

According to a NYC DOT report, there were 3,881 rider injuries reported last year from accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles, and cops breaking the law by parking in bike lanes even for a short while can put riders in danger of becoming part of this statistic. The blog also highlights repeat offenders, capturing the same police car on a different day. Be careful swerving your bike around these police cars, so you don’t get a ticket like this guy! If you see a cop blocking a bike lane submit a picture to

Here are a few more fun ones, hopefully someone creates a Cops in Bus Lanes one soon, too.

cops in bike lanes-tumblr-nyc-manhattan-untapped cities
Photo by iknowwhereimgoing

Cops in Bike Lanes-NYC-Tumblr-6

So prevalent, caught on Google Maps:

Cops in Bike Lanes-NYC-Tumblr-5

Cops in Bike Lanes-NYC-Tumblr-4

Cops in Bike Lanes-NYC-Tumblr-3

Cops in Bike Lanes-NYC-Tumblr-2



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