Pan-Am Worldport-JFK Airport-Demolition-NYC

Despite the efforts of Save the Worldport, this photograph captured by Untapped Cities’ Laura Itzkowitz shows the fate of the once iconic Pan-AM Worldport Terminal at JFK Airport. Worldport was the first home of the Boeing 707, of Pan-Am and where The Beatles departed from America in 1964.

Our earlier policy piece on the preservation of the Worldport Pan-Am Terminal at JFK Airport elicited a lot of strong reactions on both sides. Our piece was intended to highlight the unlikelihood this terminal would be saved based on criteria for listing on the National Register of Historical Places. At the same time, we acknowledged that there was a strong emotional connection these buildings, and other Jet Age terminals like the TWA Flight Center and the (now demolished) I.M. Pei terminal have.

You can still visit the Eero Saarinen TWA Flight Center over Open House New York weekend this Saturday and Sunday, check out our 2013 guide to the events.

2 thoughts on “Sad Photograph of Pan-Am Worldport Terminal Demolition at JFK Airport

  1. Actually, the Beatles did not arrive at the Worldport in 1964. They arrived at the IAB next door.
    Additionally, some buildings just do not work. The Pan Am terminal at IDL/JFK was a disaster for decades. The design simply did not work and the terminal bore very little resemblance to its initial look after the 1970s addition to accommodate the 747. Airports are in a constant state of change and improvement. Some things are worth saving. Some are not.

    1. You’re totally right, actually they departed from Pan Am Worldport on February 21st, 1964. Article has been updated!

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