Sirens of the Lambs Truck-Banksy NYC Day 11-Meatpacking

At 1 pm yesterday, Untapped Cities reader Julia Blanter of Butter and Egg Road, snapped this photograph when she happened to be visiting Staubitz Market on Court Street in Brooklyn. The crowd thought it was a PETA truck but soon Instagrammers were reporting that the toll free number on the side of the truck was indeed the Banksy phone number (although the specific option number wasn’t working yet).

Today, the “Sirens of the Lambs” truck has started (fittingly) in the Meatpacking. Banksy’s website says “the slaughterhouse delivery truck” will be touring Meatpacking today and then the rest of the city for two weeks. There’s an audio guide and the video below by Banksy gives you an idea of the squealing noises that come out of the “animals” and the reaction of the workers in Staubtiz.

Banksy also shows a photo of the tracking device stuck on the truck yesterday, which was promptly reattached to a car service vehicle in Queens.


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