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This summer, we published a wildly popular article on a toilet-themed restaurant chain in Taiwan, called Modern Toilet. Now, we’re approaching this topic from the reverse. Montreal, known for its modern art installations in its subway system, does not lack in creativity even for its bathrooms.  Certain establishments have decided to make the restroom experience more interesting, moving beyond the functional, to create a lasting impression that has guests telling their friends that they “must check out the restroom!”

Here is a list of 8 quirky restaurant and bar restrooms that you can visit whilst out and about in Montreal:

1. The “Urinette” at the Whisky Cafe

Restroom Whisky Café Montréal

The Whisky café is an extremely classy joint, which makes it all the more surprising when you walk into the restrooms. Women are invited to try the urinette, a device that allows women to pee standing up.

Here is the men’s restroom:

Whisky Café Montreal men's restroom

It’s hard to tell here but the steel wall is the urinal. When someone approaches and starts peeing, water trickles down the wall, creating a waterfall that mixes fluids.

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