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If you only saw the sleek office of architect Alain Dominique Gallizia in Boulogne Billancourt just outside Paris, it wouldn’t reveal the street art fiend behind the man. But if you visited his atelier, it’s an entirely different story. The entire building is tagged and he invites visitors to make their mark on the building. Untapped Cities contributor, Anne Claire Pasquet, an artist in Paris, recently visited and shared these photographs. She even spray painted her own work inside the building.

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The building can be seen as an extension, or reflection of the architect’s other project, The Gallizia Collection, which seeks to bridge his work as an architect and the world of graffiti art, “like a canvas stretched between the street and the museum,” according to Gallizia’s biography. The initiative began with a project entitled “Love,” where Gallizia asked street artists from all over the world to paint on the canvases of the same size, which he said had to be able to fit into his Smartcar! All 78 artists created the works in Gallizia’s atelier.

Tag au Grand Palais-Colllection-Alain Dominique GalliziaLove canvases exhibited at Tag at the Grand Palais (Tag au Grand Palais). Image via Wikimedia by Mcnetwork

The Love canvases were displayed at the Grand Palais in an exhibit titled “Tag at the Grand Palais.” Subsequent project have been shown the Palais de Tokyo and the Grand Halle de la Villette. Gallizia has also put on an open air exhibition in Paris with art created on site. Many of these exhibitions have donated their proceeds to charities.

Open Air Museum-Colllection-Un Musee a ciel ouvert-Alain Dominique Gallizia
The Open Air Museum (Un musée à ciel ouvert) in Paris’ 17th Arrondisement on l’avenue Wagram.m Image via Wikimedia by Laina griffait

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