Banksy-Sad Ronald McDonald-Big Shoes-Shoe Shiner-NYCImage via Banksy’s Instagram

For Day 16, Banksy has created a fiberglass replica of a sad Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real person outside a McDonald’s in the South Bronx. According to Banksy’s website, “The sculpture will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for the next week.”

The accompanying audio guide says “Ronald [is] arguably the most sculpted figure in history after Christ” The sculpture is “a critique of the heavy labor required to sustain the polished image of mega-corporation…Does this era have feet of clay and a massively large footprint to boot?”

The narrator also notes that the face is actually of the Greek God Hermes:

Banksy-Sad Ronald McDonald-Big Shoes-Shoe Shiner-NYC-2Image via Banksy website

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