These maps come from a Business Insider-Survey Monkey collaboration which they called: “26 Maps that Show How New Yorkers Really Feel About Each Other.” Since they only asked 414 people though, perhaps it is more aptly called “How 414 New Yorkers Respond to Online Surveys.”  It’s a series of quite inaccurate maps that quite accurately display the strange mythologies and reputations that come to surround different neighborhoods.

What about all the gorgeous architecture in Brooklyn?! No love!

Seems about right.

What? Maybe if attractiveness is pancake makeup and expensive clothes. Our vote is on the rich Brooklyn neighborhoods full of health-conscious creative yuppies.

Props for recognizing Inwood but did anyone who lives in Brooklyn answer this survey?

Poor Willyburg is really taking a beating.

How did this joke become such a part of the culture?

Do people even go to parties in Staten Island?

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