A dish from the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei

The news has been packed this week with news about Los Angeles’ new poop themed restaurant called Magic Restroom Cafe that has toilets instead of seats, poop oriented food, and various restroom decorations. But the inspiration for the place is a wildly successful chain in Taiwan called “Modern Toilet.” We covered it this summer and Gene Weingarten, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post humor columnist called the article a “spectacular report about a new restaurant in Taiwan. Really, anything I say to prepare you for this would be insufficient. Enjoy.”

The founder of Untapped Cities, Michelle Young, is Taiwanese American, and she confirms that in general the Taiwanese are a lot more comfortable with poop-related topics, but she’s not sure how successful the concept will be here in the US. So far, The Atlantic has reported less-than steller reviews of the food. Nonetheless, without further ado, check out photos from the original post.