One year… thirteen illustrations. When we first interviewed cartoonist David Cessac, he said, “for me, the characters, the Parisians, are the most important, and they are the ones who define the character of the whole city.” In this anniversary video marking David’s one year mark illustrating the column “A Few Parisians” for Untapped Cities, videographer Enzo Van Erven captured David at work on the streets of Paris on a staircase near the Palais de Tokyo and the Boulevard d’Iena. It was particularly special for us to witness the process of creation and the moment where David’s sharp wit meets his talented drawing hand. To another great year, David!


David Cessac also participated in our live illustration event, “New Yorkers v. Parisians” at the French Embassy earlier this year. Check out his prints for sale at The Untapped Cities Shop.