If you’re really into pinball, you’ll be pumped by the arrival of a new arcade called Modern Pinball in Kips Bay which only has pinball machines. It’s mission statement:

We’re Modern Pinball NYC – dead-set on becoming the premiere pinball machine retailer and Interactive Showroom. “What’s an Interactive Showroom?” you may ask! It’s a new concept that allows you to pay-one-price to enjoy all the amazing, cool and wonderful fun that is pinball! Plus, whatever you spend can be applied toward the future purchase of a game from us! Pinball bliss!

As reported by DNAInfo and Brokelyn, at Modern Pinball, you can apply your winnings to the ownership of a pinball machine which range between $1500 and $12,000. The featured comments are also priceless, with someone named Tara Key, noted to have come out of retirement, saying “I cannot wait. Two blocks from my house. I had given up playing. I feel like I just gained 15 years of my life back.”

The spot opens up on October 28th at 362 Third Avenue. And as a random fun note, we thought you should know that the French call pinball “flipper” and foosball,”Baby Foot.” Read more more stores that only sell one thing on Untapped Cities.