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Paranormal sightings have been reported recently in London and Rio de Janeiro, and now they’ve been spotted in Times Square. Nobody seems to know what this could be, though rumors are circulating on Twitter. But who or what is really responsible for placing these here? And why have these mysterious symbols emerged now?

Our curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to head to Times Square to help investigate the workings of these mystery intruders. It seems we have entered the heart of one of the biggest enigmas the City has ever witnessed. Walking through the bustling streets down to the Great White Way, the atmosphere seemed more ominous than usual. Fellow onlookers were as stunned as we were, questioning what was in front of all of our eyes. The electronic billboard of the American Eagle building, located on the intersection of 46th and Broadway, radiated the strangest symbols, like some kind of alien alphabet, running up and down repeatedly, until ultimately we were left bemused with a final image we still could not grasp. 

The scene was crowded, but we managed to find some footage online. Take a look and see for yourself the scene that astonished bystanders. We were left with the final words #WINNERTAKESEARTH. What could this mean? If anybody has any extra information or has seen these mysterious symbols, share your stories and maybe you can help us unravel this mystery.