Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area-Prospect Park-Brooklyn-Trees-Hurricane Sandy-StormsPhoto by gigi_nyc during the Untapped Cities-Google Glass Scavenger Hunt

There may be the poetic dedication to a fallen tree near the entrance to Prospect Park, but earlier this month an entire playground constructed of trees felled in Hurricane Sandy and other storms (like the 2010 tornado) opened just nearby. Named the Donald and Barbara Zucker Natural Exploration Area, it was constructed through a gift by the Zucker Family Foundation. The Prospect Park website describes it as designed in the rustic tradition of Olmstead and Vaux, the original designers of Prospect Park and Central Park, and effectively returning the area to its initial designation as a “Children’s Playground”:

 “Natural elements such as sand and water encourage unstructured free play, allowing children to exercise their minds as well as their muscles.”

For those looking to check it out, it’s located in Nellie’s Lawn which can be accessed off East Drive. This is the first of upgrades on the eastern side of Prospect Park after the Lakeside Campaign is completed.