In a play on the Fix&Fortify campaign from the MTA and the interminable work on the subway system, Puck Works has posted parody signs purportedly from Middle Earth. As reported on Brokelyn (sourced from the Brooklyn subreddit), the poster notifies riders that “Post-Isengard replanting work of Fangorn Forest requires the suspension of service between Fangorn and Eryn Vorn.”

Free shuttle horses would be provided at cities from Lord of the Rings, like Dol Barad, Gap of Rohan, Isengard and Helms Deep, while repair work is done to the damage from the wizard Saruman during the war of the One ring.

Gothamist reports that the MTA has had it with these fake posters. like the Big Subway Blowout during the “harmless gas testing.” We suppose since the Fix&Fortify campaign is about Sandy recovery, everyone’s a little more sensitive around the issue.