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A farmers market in an airport terminal might sound strange, but not when you’re JetBlue, and not when it’s October 31st. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling on Halloween, and you’re flying out of John F. Kennedy International Airport on JetBlue Airlines, then be sure to leave yourself with a little extra time at the airport so you can enjoy the first ever pop up farmers market––IN a terminal! The market, located well beyond security, is geared to boarding pass holders alone, and today is the final day.

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To launch the market, Jet Blue teamed up with GrowNYC, the folks responsible for the fifty plus greenmarkets dotted across the five boroughs. GrowNYC has been organizing markets since 1976, and is well versed in hosting markets in strange places but probably none that required a government ID.

JFK Airport-Greenmarket Farmers Market-Jet Blue-Terminal 5-Pumpkins

The impromptu market is flagged by an array of pumpkins, and eager staffers waiting to answer your questions. Stocked with New York State favorites like apples, pears, maple syrup, granola, honey, and pretzels, the tables will remind you of Saturday’s in Union Square, almost. Maybe you skipped the most important meal of the day (breakfast)? Then you can nab one of the drool-worthy pastries from Bread Alone, located in Chatham, New York.

JFK Airport-Greenmarket Farmers Market-Jet Blue-Terminal 5-Pastries-Cookies

GrowNYC has even stocked a few of the more esoteric items like freekeh (a type of roasted wheat) and wheat berries. Once you’ve bought your breakfast you can turn your crumbs into compost, blend a smoothie by peddling a bike or snap a goofy tourist photo with a festive squash as your backdrop.

JFK Airport-Greenmarket Farmers Market-Jet Blue-Terminal 5-Freekeh-Hotsauce

This isn’t JetBlue’s first foray into the green world. Last May they launched their first program: composting. Since then they’ve sent 300 pounds of food waste daily to McEnroe Farm, in New York’s Hudson River Valley, which is then turned into nutrient rich soil. They’re following that up with a second program, starting this month, to increase their onboard recycling by sending paper, plastic and aluminum collected on flights to a better place than the local landfill.

Oh and need a gift? The market also sells mugs, totes and limited edition heirloom tomato prints to hang on a wall. Perfect for that trip to Grandmother’s house.

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