Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Champ de MarsChamp de Mars Metro Station photogaphed by Janol Apin

In the 1990s, Janol Apin photographed scenes in the Paris Metro re-enacting the station names literally. While one, like Maison Blanche, is a little off-color for American readers, others are whimsical and understandable even to an international audience.

Duroc, a play on words on “rock”:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Duroc

Père in French religion means a priest (or father):

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Pere Lachaise

Re-eanacting The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Alexandre Dumas

Bringing back General Charles de Gaulle, literally:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Charles de Gaulle Etoile

Interpreting boulets to mean the balls of prisoners:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Rue de Boulets

D’eau in French means water:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Chateau Deau

Maison Blanche in French means White House….:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Maison Blanche

Alesia, referencing the battle between the Gauls and the Romans in 52 BC:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Alesia


Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Rome

Quatre-Septembre means the Fourth of September, the day Napoleon III fell and the Third French Republic was installed. Here it references the first day of school:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Quatre Septembre

Porte de Vincennes:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Port des Vincennes

Liberté in the form of a naked man:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Liberte

Invalides, which is the stop of the war hospital of the same name:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Invalides

Gare du Nord, the train station in Paris reinterpreted as a traveler to the North Pole:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Gare du Nord

École Militaire:

Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Ecole Militaire


Janol-Apin-Photograpy Paris-Metro-Dupleix

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