You’re used to seeing Alexander Calder statues in outdoor places and events, but what about in the dark? The gallery Venus Over Manhattan on Madison Avenue is showcasing the “mobiles” and “stabiles” that formed the core of Calder’s work in a unique environment: the space will be dark with designed lighting, making the shadows the subject of the exhibition, Calder Shadows.

Unlike the monumental pieces we know so well, these sculptures were made to move in response to their surroundings, constructed of different metal elements and carefully balanced. According to the gallery, the “wire will become oscillating line drawings and flat metal forms will become independent presences that dance along the walls, ceiling, and floor of the gallery.”

For Calder fans, there will also be a rare work called Little Black Flower that has been in private collection since the 1940s and other collections that represent key moments in the artist’s evolution. The exhibition is in collaboration with the Calder Foundation and will be on view until December 21st.