Don’t be ashamed to admit it — you have your set of three or four flavors you get every time you go out for ice cream. It’s awkward to hold up the line and try all those interesting flavors when you know you will end up resorting to the signature mint chip. But have no fear, ice cream lovers! Untapped Cities traversed lower Manhattan in pursuit of the strangest gelato flavors we could find.

1. Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Ludlow Street 

Il Laboratorio del gelato ludlow street lower east side new york untapped cities samantha sokol

Founded by the creator of Ciao Bella Gourmet Ice Cream, all of the ice cream in the Laboratorio is made in house. This shop is also in the perfect location for an ice cream shop: right across from Katz’s Deli. After consuming a giant pastrami on rye you could continue on a carb-a-licious spree. Il Laboratorio was gracious to let us try every single flavor – here’s a roundup of the craziest ones.

Avocado. Yes, avocado ice cream. The creamy and soft texture of an avocado is perfect for a combination with frozen cream and sugar. The only apt way to describe avocado ice cream is to say that it is simply avocado in ice cream form.

Mastic. Mastic is a piney flavor from the sap of a Mastic Tree. We know we’re writing about cities here, but are you familiar with that refreshing pine smell of walking into a forest? No, not that little air freshener hanging from your taxi drivers window –a real forest. This ice cream flavor encapsulates that smell into a taste.

Yeti Beer. Somehow, the gods of ice cream found a way to combine the classic bitterness of beer with the sweet creamy taste of ice cream and actually make it work. As we’re sure you were wondering — it takes a solid ton of this ice cream to maybe make you feel a little bit tipsy.

Cheddar Cheese. This ice cream was much denser than the others. Eating it almost felt like biting into something solid instead of that usual creamy and smooth ice cream texture. This ice cream flavor didn’t quite have that sharp taste of cheddar cheese, but there were actual bits of cheddar in the ice cream!