2. Victory Garden, Carmine Street 


Victory Garden’s ice cream is made special with goat milk from Sidehill Acres by Ithaca. Victory Garden combines the mediterranean themes of rose, mastic, and saffron with more seasonal tones like cinnamon and fruity jams.

They feature four different soft serve flavors on a daily rotation – Here are Untapped’s favorites.

Goat Milk. We frequently forget how milk has a very distinct flavor – why not capture it in ice cream? It’s just as refreshing. Have you ever had cereal milk ice cream from Momofuku? The goat milk flavor tastes a bit like that. Victory Garden’s goat milk ice cream is inspired from by the tradition of Anatolian Dondurma, a rich goat milk ice cream made with the root of the wild orchid.

Cinnamon Lemon. At first we puckered at the thought of this unlikely combination. However, this flavor is quite delicious. The tangy lemon is complemented wonderfully by the cinnamon undertones as neither flavor dominates in this ice cream.

We know its not ice cream, but… The chia seed agave pudding, made out of chia seeds, cashew milk, and agave nectar was nothing short of delicious. The round and chewy chia seeds gave an interesting texture to the thin cashew milk. This pudding is definitely worth a taste!

They also have pies in jars. A crispy crust at the bottom of the jar with mastic jam and then sour cherries on top. Whip out the instagram, everyone.