The NYPD couldn’t stop Invader from spreading his art. We previously reported about the French artist’s arrest while installing one of his 8-bit mosaic art pieces in the Lower East Side. After being released, Invader is still in NYC posting his invasions around the city. The above piece from Avenue A, was already partially removed by the time Instagram user Nic Garcia got to it. We’ve got more pictures of his newest invasions below.

Invader posted this photo on his Instagram when he got out saying, “They kept my phone and wasted my time, but I’m out now,” and it wasn’t long before the following invasions were popping up in the same general area where NYPD nabbed him the first time. His time in New York City was surrounding his movie Art4Space which documented his endeavor to send one of his Space Invaders mosaics into orbit.

Check out his other installations before they get taken down:On 14th Street & 9th Avenue (Photo via Instagram by Jordan Scott)

We will keep bringing updates about Invader’s whereabouts in NYC. The next leg of his tour is in London on November 15th, so you can expect many more invasions in his last week here.