Though the (real) remnants of Prohibition are often difficult to find in NYC, particularly with so many bars mimicking the feel, rest assured that there is still once place full of history and open for exploration. Join us for our next Untapped Cities event with a tour and cocktail at an authentic Prohibition era speakeasy in the East Village on Sunday, December 8th, at 3:30pm. The speakeasy, still being used as a bar and theater, retains the original wood horseshoe bar, access to original mafia escape tunnels, and the safes where $2 million dollars were found by Lorcan Otway, the founder of the Museum of the American Gangster, and his father.

The tour guide from the Museum of American Gangster will give us a walkthrough of the museum and speakeasy remnants that will conclude with a vintage cocktail at the bar. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the museum. Space is limited.