John F Kennedy-Jack Paar Tonight Show-1959Senator Kennedy on Jack Paar’s The Tonight Show in New York City, 1959. Image via Wikimedia.

As the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s untimely death approaches, we thought it’d be interesting to compile some photos of Kennedy during his campaign in New York, before his much-publicized presidency. As the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, were the subject of intense media coverage. The public’s fascination with everything related to the Kennedys manifested itself in the many television specials, photos, and literature that appeared during the presidency and especially after, when Jacqueline Kennedy moved into a New York apartment and was doggedly followed by infamous paparazzo Ron Gallela.

Kennedy’s 277 Park Avenue apartment and presidential campaign office, where he spent much of his time planning against incumbent vice president Richard Nixon. Photo via Library of Congress.

Eleanor Roosevelt-John F Kennedy in NYC-1960Eleanor Roosevelt and JFK in in 1960. Image via the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library (also Wikimedia Commons)

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