Graffiti Townhouse-Park Slope-Brooklyn-2nd Street

2nd Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn is a real treasure trove of spots, from Obama’s townhouse from the 1980s to the pirate ship brownstone from this Halloween. This amazing graffiti brownstone is just between 6th and 7th Avenue. The friendly colors and design contrast strongly with the security camera warnings on almost every window.

The below Google street view image from May 2011 shows the property unpainted with street art but also overgrown with vegetation. The front yard has been cleared and replaced with small sculptures.

2nd Street-Graffiti Townhouse-Brooklyn Park Slope

According to city records, the 3-unit building was built in approximately 1920. O the Department of Buildings website, a 2009 complaint found stated that the house had been “not occupied and neglected for 15 years and has visible cracks on the exterior walls, and the parapet on the roof is peeling away from the building, shingles are peeling and wood separating from the structure.” The complaints date back to 2003 all deal with vacancy and maintenance.

If anybody knows  if the artist is the work of the owner or a guerrilla beautification group, let us know!

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