Super Bushwick World-Map-Art by Ken

With our recent foray into the retro game store 8 Bit and Up  in the East Village, we’re on a video game kick. This awesome hand painted map by Art by Ken reimagines Bushwick as the’90s era Mario Brothers. Ken writes, “Subway stops become green pipes, bodegas become Toad’s Houses, and Mario becomes…well…Hipster Mario! Start on Bogart, and see how many beer cans you can collect, how many paint palettes you can visit, and whether Yoshi will give you a hit from his joint!”

Other notable spots include Cafe Ghia, the NY Loft Hostel, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and the headquarters of Q Mart. Also note the subway stations for the J, Z, M and L trains. But is it us or are McKibben Street and Boerum Street reversed?

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