Urak-Hai Helms Deep-Sauron-Service Alert-NYC Subway-Puck-Middle Earth Subway Transit

Looks like Puck Works is at it again with his Lord of the Rings parody signs in the New York City subway. We previously featured the Fangorn Recovery Work signs and today Untapped Cities reader Avi Smolen submitted this find, writing “There’s nothing like avoiding Sauron’s all-seeing eye on your daily commute.” Make for the refuge of Helm’s Deep, the sign purportedly from “Middle Earth Subway Transit” urges, warning against the Uruk-hai, basically Orcs 2.0 in the J.R.R. Tolkien Books.

Puck Works has been putting up these signs (or documenting at least) since January of this year. Is this a one year project, or can we expect more in 2014?

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