On November 12, the beloved 5 Pointz Art Center in Long Island City suffered yet another blow in its fight for survival. The temporary restraining order on the developers was lifted and the injunction to prevent demolition was denied.  To add insult to injury, the artists received papers yesterday that they are not officially allowed to paint any more.
Here is the official statement from the 5 Pointz Facebook page on the court ruling:
 so Judge block gave his partial decision, TRO is lifted and motion for primary injunction is denied . The irony being we respected the rule of the TRO to a T and no one painted while our artwork was damaged , and 2 gates with artwork were taken. It no way does it mean that the building is going down tomorrow or next month , the tenants are still in place .. we are working on our next move .. and we will be in the loading dock this week end as always and happy to welcome you ! see you soon.
5 Pointz is planning a peaceful rally and event for Saturday. All are welcome to come.  The rally will start at 3pm with guest speakers and a very special art projection exhibit happening at sunset (an inspired way of getting around the art restrictions). The primary purpose of the rally is to collect as many landmark preservation forms possible for the legal team to hand in next week, but we expect it will be a moving, exciting, and historical experience worth your while.
Read our past coverage on Untapped, and stay tuned for more, as we predict the artists of 5 Pointz will keep fighting (and creating art!) until the bitter end.
Here are a few recent photos:
Rachel Alban_5 Pointz_Untapped Cities_2013
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