space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-014Invader ‘Fire Flower’ at 161 Hester Street in Chinatown

In the past few weeks we’ve been tracking the French street artist Invader as he made his move on the New York City streets. His 8-bit mosaic tiles are affixed to walls in plain sight, making installing them a hassle that got the artist in a bit of trouble with the NYPD. His visit surrounded the premiere of his movie ART4SPACE, where he sent one of his Space Invaders into orbit. We’ve put together a map and a bunch of photos detailing where you can find the 8-bit critters, so you can go on your own hunt to see them–before they’re all removed!

Invader on High Line W 24th St 10th Ave Chelsea NYC Untapped Cities‘Ghost’, West 24th Street & 10th Avenue

After he posted on Instagram that he had been released, more pieces were discovered in Lower Manhattan and a couple in Brooklyn, as well. Invader’s pieces are much more understated than those of London artist Banksy, who drove NYC into a month-long frenzy. Many of the Invaders measure less than one square foot, often over 12 feet from the ground, and they don’t draw a crowd the way Banksy did.

Invader-NYC-InvaderWasHere-Meatpacking-Chelsea Market_2‘Ghost’ on 8th Avenue and 13th Street

Unfortunately, this means that Invader’s pieces can be easily removed–either by owners of buildings or overly devoted fans. Animal New York was able to catch up with the anonymous artist through email, though their correspondence was interrupted by his arrest two weeks ago. In the interview he addressed the removal of his work: “If it is because [the owner] doesn’t like it, that’s ok. If it’s to sell it on eBay or to put it in his living room, that doesn’t make me happy. Street pieces are made for the street and for the people in the street to enjoy them.” The owner of the building where Invader got arrested, for example, told reporters that he had no intention of selling the piece after taking it down. Instead, he would keep it for himself because he liked it.

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-016Cost & Invader, wheat paste poster on Broome Street and Bowery.

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-004‘Donkey Kong Jr.’ and Invader’s collaboration with COST & ENX, on 1 Spring Street (also site of the Christian Naagel Mushroom piece)

Invader also spoke of his collaboration with Adam Cost and ENX, two NYC-based street artists: “I’m a huge fan of Cost and Revs. I even did a hyperrealistic sculpture of them a few years ago in one of my shows. Last week, I got in touch with Cost and his new partner ENX. In less than one hour, we had the idea to make a “Graffitile” — a graffiti made of tiles — and the day after we did it!” Many of his “invasions” in SoHo and Chinatown have wheat-paste posters of COST & ENX nearby.

In our hunt for Invader’s pieces throughout the city, found that many of them have been already removed. Nonetheless, you can use this guide to direct you on your own search for the remaining pieces. (Hat-tip to Stephen Kelley and Instagram users Jordan Scott and Phillip Schoultz for some of these shots).

Invader on 17th St 8th Ave Chelsea NYC Untapped Cities143 8th Avenue

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-011183 Bowery

Invader-NYC-InvaderWasHere-Meatpacking-Chelsea Market_114th Street & 9th Avenue

Invader on High Line W 24th St 10th Ave Chelsea NYC Untapped Cities505 West 24th Street

Invader-NYC-InvaderWasHere-Meatpacking-Chelsea Market17th Street and 10th Avenue

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-006115 Delancey Street

space-invader-street-art-nyc-untapped-cities-012Bowery and 3rd Street

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-010176 Delancey Street, Seen from Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Side

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-00366 Rivington Street

89 Avenue A-Invader Was Here-East Village-Alphabet City-Street Art-NYC89 Avenue A (removed, photo by Stephen Kelley

155 Grand Street-Invader Was Here-Chinatown-Street Art-NYC155 Grand Street (removed, photo by Stephen Kelley)

Space Invader-Hester and Centre Street-Chinatown-NYCHester and Centre Street, photo by Stephen Kelley

235 Bowery-Invader Was Here-Chinatown-Street Art-NYC235 Bowery (removed, Photo by Stephen Kelley)

Sunshine Theatre, 143 E Houston Street-Stephen Kelley-Invader-NYC143 E Houston Street, (removed, photo by Stephen Kelley)

space invader-street art-nyc-untapped cities-007Howard Street and Broadway

22 Bond Street-Invader Was Here-Street Art-NYC22 Bond Street (removed, Photo via Instagram by Stephen Kelley)

Avenue A 3rd Street-Invader Was Here-East Village-Alphabet City-Street Art-NYCAvenue A and 3rd Street (removed, Photo by Stephen Kelley)

Cost ENX-Invader Was Here-2 Wykoff Street-BRooklyn-Street Art-NYC2 Wyckoff Street (Photo by Stephen Kelley)

24 Watts Street-Invader Was Here-Chinatown-Street Art-NYC24 Watts Street (Photo by Stephen Kelley)