Stik-Street Art-Alphabet City-NYC

A veteran of the street art scene in London, Stik leaves androgynous “stik people” wherever he visits. His work strives to capture the importance of body language in human interaction, with large success. Not long ago, he left this mural called “Liberty” in the the East Village, on the corner of E 9th Street and Avenue A. “This deceptively simple stick figure raises one arm in a plaintive gesture of solidarity to the artists, activists and outsiders who have occupied Tompkins Square over the years,” according to Dorian Gray Gallery, which commissioned the work. The gallery will hold a reception for Stik’s Liberty Project on December 12.

Bushwick Collective murals Brooklyn NYC Untapped CitiesStik also has artwork on Troutman Street in Bushwick.

In 2012, Stik received a lot of media coverage and went on to have several well-received exhibitions. Once homeless, Stik is not one to remain quiet about the meaning of his work. He has conducted a walking tour of his pieces, many of which are stick figure renditions of classic works of art, by artists like Murillo and Thomas Gainsborough.The artist has worked with Amnesty International, British Waterways, and most recently, Art Walk NY. According to Artlyst, his re-imagining of Thomas Gainsborough’s Mrs. Elizabeth Moody with her sons in Dulwich (valued at up to £20,000) was recently stolen.  To see the work that is still up, check out this map created by the Londonist.

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