Food Carts-Trucks-Advertising-Umbrellas-Capital One-Upper West Side-UWS-NYCFood carts get branded…by banks

We’ve been noticing this disturbing but unsurprising trend recently on the Upper West Side: food carts branded with advertising for big banks. On a stretch between 67th Street and 70th Street, every food cart had multiple umbrellas with Capital One emblazoned on it. With permits for food carts going for up to $20,000 on the black market, it’s not surprising that they might need some additional source of revenue.

There are also a lot of big banks in this stretch (eight just between 67th Street and 72nd!), so I guess Capital One is stepping it up with the marketing as they have two branches in this five block span. This includes one, above, placed strategically in front of Chase bank.

Food Carts-Trucks-Advertising-Umbrellas-Capital One-Upper West Side-UWS-NYC_2

Food Carts-Trucks-Advertising-Umbrellas-Capital One-Upper West Side-UWS-NYC_3

In our research we also discovered a company specializing in food truck advertising, offering full wraps, menu sponsorship, product placement and even custom storefront build outs! If this is the future, it’s a little bleak.

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