ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth

This fun website, ExtendNY, extends the Manhattan grid ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD. Moving the cursor moves the little green street signs and updates their street and avenue numbers. So for example, Paris would be at around  12,770th Avenue and 64,890th Street:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Paris

Rio de Janeiro is around 29,745th Avenue and 41,000th Street:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Rio de Janeiro

Shilin Night Market in Taipei is at 58,661st Street and 53,768th Avenue:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Taipei

Nairobi is at 49,607th Avenue and 55,775th Street:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Nairobi

Los Angeles is at 20,400th Street and 14, 558th Avenue:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Los Angeles

The funny thing about this is that the area of New Jersey from Jersey City to West New York, also has an quasiextension of the Manhattan grid, with many of the same street names and avenues. On the interactive map, the “extension” even covers lower Manhattan, with the actual street names and numbers replaced by the all-mighty powerful grid.

Here’s where 4th Avenue and S 3oth Street would be:

ExtendNY-Manhattan Grid-Extended-Earth-Lower Manhattan

This map is the handywork of Harold Cooper, whose other projects can be found here.

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