I fully support the right of people to wear whatever the hell they want, but it’s still a little depressing to see people in jeans at the opera. Are you so jaded that the grandeur of the Metropolitan Opera House doesn’t inspire a sense of gravitas in you? Is going to the opera such an ordinary activity for you that you don’t feel the need to treat it as a special occasion? Whatever, man. I envy your lifestyle. Dressing up in fancy threads is fun and so is watching highly-trained people perform for you, but part of the fun for us commoners is that we don’t get to do it every day. 


So, obviously, I went to the opera recently. I saw Nico Muhly’s contemporary piece Two Boys, and it was fantastic even though I was practically sitting in the rafters. There was a pretty wide variety of fashions in attendance, actually, ranging from the aforementioned Slob Princes in jeans to a few dramatic souls in top hats and/or ball gowns. There was at least one velvet cape. But this couple sitting a few rows in front of me was my favorite. Did they coordinate their shirts or was it purely an act of damask-patterned chance? I can’t tell if I like it or if they just look like a pair of curtains. Either way, they were memorable and I’m glad that these two people found each other. May they live their days in curtainy bliss.

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