McCoy Cafe-Paris-American Food-Grocery Store-7th Arrondissement_1The Real McCoy Cafe in Paris’ 7th Arrondissement

It can be hard to imagine why someone would ever want to find American sub-culture or food when in Paris but sometimes you just need a little dose of home. Compiled by our editors who have lived in Paris for many years, here are some great places to get a little bit of Americana in the City of Light not just this Thanksgiving, but all year round. 

1. Thanksgiving Grocery Store

The Thanksgiving grocery store in the Marais is the most well-known and has been around since 1990. You can get all the ingredients you need for a real Thanksgiving dinner or to make American fare all year round, from spices and utensils to imported NYC bagels, farm raised turkeys, bacon, hamburger buns, Philadelphia cream cheese, and god forbid…hot dogs. In the shop they also have moonshine, rye whiskey and bourbon!

[Update: This store has closed!]

2. McCoy Cafe

McCoy Cafe-Paris-American Food-Grocery Store-7th Arrondissement

In the 7th Arrondisement on Avenue Bosquet near the American University of Paris is McCoy Cafe, a sandwich shop and grocery. It differentiates itself from Thanksgiving by carrying all the junk food that has made America famous but the familiar packaging might give you a pang from home. Also, lots of American flags if you missed those too.