The club has also made an appearance on the show Person of Interest

For a show based in Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire sure spends a lot of time in New York City. This might be due to the prevalence of mob life on the show, or perhaps the 15% tax breaks offered by the state. Whatever the reason may be, we at Untapped Cities were glad to make this list of some of our favorite locations in Brooklyn, where much of the series was filmed.

1. John’s of 12th Street in Manhattan

According to the New York Post, this East Village restaurant was Joe the Boss and Lucky’s meeting place in the 7th episode of the current season. It was also turned into Whiting’s Pharmacy for a day this June. Aside from serving as the set of Boardwalk Empire, John’s of 12th Street is a popular Italian Restaurant. It converted its top floors into a speakeasy during Prohibition, serving alcohol in espresso cups. Patrons are said to have included some of the characters depicted on Boardwalk Empire. In fact, the restaurant attracted a lot of mob types. Perhaps it was the appeal of the original tile floors (which remain intact today) or the immense wax candelabra at the back of the restaurant.

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