Law and Order Season 1 Fun Maps-Untapped Cities

Why not plot out all of the addresses mentioned in the first season of Law and Order? This map by Brooklyn-based artist Dorothy Gambrell of Very Small Array lets you pretend just a little more that the show is real, that Detective Logan is scampering up and down Manhattan searching for clues.

Some of our favorites: “Offices of the Organ Transplant Network,” “Harlem Wig Company,” and the big black arrow that just says RIKERS. How did they choose these addresses? Did one writer live on the Upper West Side, one in the West Village, and one in East Midtown? Did they decide to write a crime for a certain address because they were inspired by its spooky storefront? Did they ever pass a beautiful brownstone and think, “That’s definitely the site of a murder?” Or did they simply choose on the dramatic merit of how the addresses sounded spoken?

Of course, the points plotted are only the existent addresses. Would be interesting to know how many non-existent ones there were too (like the infamous Hudson University).

This map, previously featured on Gothamist, comes from Dorothy Gambrell’s blog, Very Small Array. We have previously featured her map of Brooklyn’s post offices as well as her map of NYC’s Chinese food density by neighborhood.

Get in touch with the author @youngzokeziah. See more maps in our Fun Maps column.

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