MTA Vintage Bus-NYC-Nostalgia Train-Omnibus

Yesterday, just as we were publishing about the return of the MTA’s vintage “Nostalgia” trains and buses, we caught sight of the Omnibus in Midtown on 3rd Avenue with a sign “Keep Back: BUS IN TOW.” The service started yesterday along 42nd Street, so its possible the bus might need some maintenance. This exact bus (#2969) was also featured at the MTA Vintage Bus Festival and a very observant reader noted via Twitter that this is the same as type of bus Rosa Parks was on when she refused to give up her seat.

According to the MTA press release, there are a variety of vintage buses that will be along the M42 line:

This season’s vintage fleet ranges from 1949 to 1968 and represents models that served New Yorkers from 1949 through 1984. A Mack bus will hit the road as well as a 1956 General Motors bus that, if it could talk, would boast of being the first air-conditioned bus to operate in New York City. Staten Islanders will get a special treat riding one of the first Staten Island express buses. A nice bus for the day, but it’s a far cry from our modern MCI and Prevost coaches in terms of comfort and efficiency.

Also don’t miss the vintage swing party that will launch the nostalgia subways this Sunday!

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