The High Line in New York City is one of the most well-known elevated parks, but around the world there are many similar urban reclamation projects underway. The success of the High Line inspired many other cities around the world to reuse and rethink space around old rail lines. Here are 10 plans from Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, the United States and Mexico.

10. Chapultepec Project, Mexico City

High-Line_Mexico-City_Untapped CitiesRendering of Mexico City’s High Line.

More than revitalizing Mexico City, the Chapultepec Project was thought up by the city’s Public Space Authority mainly as a way to give residents a much-needed respite from the city. Mexico City’s elevated walkway will be built from scratch as opposed to reusing an old railway, running a path from a train station to Chapultepec Forest. The path will help locals in their commute and will also be a good way to introduce more greenery into the city, but so far, there hasn’t been news on progress.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea they were planning one for Sydney – that’s fantastic! I’ve also heard a lot about the Petite Ceinture. That’s a gorgeous photo too!

  2. Nice photo essay. I visited both Paris’ famous Petite Ceinture (unsanctioned, but accessible) and Promenade Planté (Coulée Verte) which would inspire Gotham’s High Line. All over exciting new perspectives on their respective urban surroundings.

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