We previously compiled a list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan for design buffs and now we’re tackling Brooklyn. The following is by no means a complete list of coffee shops in Brooklyn, but after checking out many, many coffee shops, we decided to highlight some of our favorites.

1. Homecoming, 107 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

Spina flower shop coffee shop Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Naturally, we were intrigued when we heard about this flower shop/coffee shop that opened recently in Greenpoint. Homecoming—formerly called Spina, which means “thorn” in Italian—started as a floral design company. Owners Vanessa Chinga-Haven and Paul Diaz hope to lure people in the door with Blue Bottle coffee and donuts by Dough, then keep them hanging around for floral arrangements and gift items. There’s not a lot of space to sit, but the pint-sized shop is a nice place to stop for a coffee and flower bouquet to go.

2. AP Café, 426 Troutman Street, Bushwick

AP Cafe Bushwick Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Also mentioned in our Untapped Guide to Bushwick, AP Café’s stark minimal interior makes it a design destination. Notable features include exterior and interior waterfalls, fresh flowers and stone benches. The menu includes Horchata, Thai iced tea and Vietnamese coffee, plus donuts by Dough. AP is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee after checking out the Bushwick Collective’s murals on Troutman Street.

3. Toby’s Estate, N 6th Street, Williamsburg

Tobys Estate Coffee shop Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Toby’s Estate roasts their coffee on the premises of this shop, which was once a meat-provisioning house. At the coffee counter up front, they make espresso and brew drip coffee by the cup. They sell pastries from local bakers, including Ovenly, and have a brew school, where you can take private lessons on extracting, brewing, cupping and tasting coffee. We love their interior design, which displays vintage objects on modern shelves, but so do a lot of locals, so it can be hard to find a seat.

4. Brooklyn Roasting Company, 25 Jay Street, DUMBO

Brooklyn Roasting Company-DUMBO-Interior-NYC

Brooklyn Roasting Company keeps getting bigger and bigger, literally. They’ve been gradually taking over the huge former warehouse at 25 Jay Street in DUMBO. The space is now home to their commercial coffee roasters and grinders, a coffee counter where you can order their fair trade, organic brews, and plenty of seating space. Grab a spot on one of the big orange couches or perch yourself at one of the tables made from wood they salvaged during the renovations. This is a great place to hang out for hours.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee, 160 Berry Street, Williamsburg

Blue Bottle Coffee Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Founded in Oakland, California, Blue Bottle Coffee’s mission is to bring coffee back to its fresh, delicious state. They only serve coffee that has been roasted less than 48 hours prior to being brewed and use traditional, small batch brewing methods. Though they have several locations in New York City, the Williamsburg café is the only one where you can ogle the Kyoto-style Oji cold press coffee makers (on the right), which brew coffee one drop at a time for eighteen hours.

6. Sweetleaf, 135 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg

Sweetleaf coffee shop Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Sweetleaf is another Williamsburg favorite and the second outpost of the much-loved coffee shop in Long Island City. The location on Kent Ave shares a building with Modern Spaces real estate office. The bar is made of antique doors and has a beautiful espresso machine by La Marzocco, but the most appealing aspect of the decor might be the foosball table. The coffee’s not bad either.

7. Smith Canteen, Smith Street, Carroll Gardens

Smith Canteen coffee shop Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Not only is Smith Canteen’s decor charming, with marble countertops and a white tin ceiling, but their coffee is some of the best in the borough. The cappuccino we ordered was a perfect blend of espresso and steamed milk, the likes of which we have only tasted in Italy. Smith Canteen serves some mouthwateringly delicious pastries as well. We wouldn’t expect any less from the folk behind Seersucker, the Carroll Gardens restaurant serving farm-to-table Southern fare.

8. Propeller Coffee, 984 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Propeller Coffee Shop-Greenpoint-984 Manhattan Ave-Brooklyn-NYC

Propeller is one of those great spaces where you can still see traces of the past–in this case, as a delicatessen. The owners have kept the Beata Delicatessen sign out front, and inside the cafe is like a tribute to midcentury modern design. The mismatched tables and chairs look like they might have come from your grandmother’s house (if your grandmother had very good taste, that is). Vintage photos of airplanes and a toy plane on the counter speak to the cafe’s name. Free wifi and a chill staff makes this a great place to work.

9. Hungry Ghost in BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street, Fort Greene

Hungry Ghost, whose main location is on Flatbush Avenue, recently opened a cafe inside the new BRIC House. Hungry Ghost is a neighborhood favorite known for its relaxed vibe and great selection of coffee and food. They serve Stumptown coffee and freshly baked snacks inside BRIC House and a full lunch menu on Flatbush Ave. The main draw of their outpost in BRIC is the colorful murals decorating the wall and coffee counter, which will rotate, giving local artists a chance to customize the space.

10. Milk & Roses, 1110 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint

Milk and Roses Cafe Greenpoint Brooklyn Untapped Cities

We resisted putting another Greenpoint coffee shop on this list, but Milk & Roses has such a lovely atmosphere we had to include it. When you cross the threshold, it feels like you might be entering someone’s private library. The walls are full of hardbound books, a piano sits on the side of the room and inviting couches and tables and chairs are positioned throughout. There’s a charming garden in the back. In the evening, Milk & Roses serves wine and delicious Italian food (the owners are Italian). They often host poetry readings and other events.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Coffee Shops in Brooklyn (For Design Buffs)

  1. Looks like Brooklyn has a lot to offer. That flower slash coffee shop is a rather curious concept. It never stops to amaze me how creative some people get when establishing their own coffee place in the sun. A cat cafe will probably be launched soon in Vancouver. Odd much? But I like quirky places. Ordinary is often close to boring. Not always, though. We have quite a few good independent coffee shops that you won’t leave disappointed. Many sorts and blends even for demanding coffee experts and a lovely ambience at the same time. Without eccentricities, but still interesting for a designer buff’s eye. I recommend Prado, somewhat similar to Smith Canteen. White walls, great coffee and delicious pastries. Be sure to check it out if you ever find yourselves in the area.

  2. Dillinger’s in Bushwick at 146 evergreen definitely has the most original design for a coffee shop. Check it out

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Daniel. We’ll be sure to check it out!

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