Because why not?

Yes, this is an accurate, detailed map of New York City’s MTA system completely redone in the style of Super Mario Cart. Because after all, life in the City often does feel like one long obstacle course video game, shiny floating gold coins, banana peels and all. Robert Bacon, an actor/digital video producer from Chicago created this work of genius. Check out the little feathers by the airports, adorable grove of stumpy trees for Central Park, and the creepy little castle that looks like it belongs on Staten Island.

Maybe Bacon had a reason for creating this… and maybe he didn’t need one: “The New York City Subway system has over 840 miles of track and over 450 stations. Making a 16-bit pixel by pixel recreation was easily my biggest challenge yet,” he said. 

Watch this video for more a more detailed view of the map:

Prints of this poster are available here. Check out Bacon’s website here.

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