Manhattan Fruit-Bodega-678 Manhattan Avenue-Greenpoint-Brooklyn-NYC-Twin Towers-WTC Logo

More than a decade after 9/11, some businesses in New York City have chosen to keep their Twin Towers-inspired logos. We spotted Manhattan Fruit in Greenpoint, whose “H” in Manhattan references the Twin Towers and the “A” the Empire State Building. Similarly, those Manhattan Mini Storage ads are all over the city but you’ve probably been paying more attention to their funny slogans. The company has also chosen to keep the Twin Towers in its logo:

According to Slate, companies who have retained the logo do so in order to remember that part of New York City’s history rather than erase it from visual memory. “We’re proud to be one of the few businesses remaining companies to keep the Twin Towers in our logo,” Manhattan Mini Storage posted on its Facebook page on September 11, 2012. Manhattan Mini Storage has no plans to change the logo.

The World Trade Center Logo Preservation Project is a group on Flickr started by artist Ji Lee, documenting the remaining company logos that still retain the Twin Towers. In the group description Lee writes, “These logos will not last forever as many of the small business will either update their logos at some point or close their doors eventually. Thus the Twin Towers would sadly vanish forever.”

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