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In a city that prizes space so rapaciously, it’s really a shame how many establishments waste the real estate of the bathroom. So many people visit it, every day! Shouldn’t we aspire to something better than that generic “ambience” with the awful watery pink soap and scratchy toilet paper?

Here are seven of the quirkiest places that made more—a lot more—out of their commodes. Turns out that from Long Island City to Midtown to Prospect Heights, creative lavatories abound in NYC!\

1. Mehanata, Lower East Side

Bulgarian bar Mehanata is known to be pretty wild—it features three floors of bars, music stages, hookahs, stripper poles, and sex swings. There’s even an ice room, where for $20 you are given a Soviet military uniform and a shot glass made of ice, and have two minutes to drink up to six shots of vodka. The men’s room in particular is special here, showcasing bright red lipstick-mouthed urinals and leggy sinks.

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8 thoughts on “7 of NYC’s Quirkiest Bathrooms

  1. You missed the Churchill on 28th and Park. They pipe in Winston Churchill speeches into both men’s/women’s WCs. Note: guys seem to think it’s weird that a guy is chatting with them in the loo, girls seem to be ok with it. Hahaha.

      1. Hahah, yep, the Churchill is well worth the visit, Michelle. Oh, and visit the upstairs “garden room” to see their cute teapot collection! (Ooooh, have you guys done a Brit pub post yet?)

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