sopo electric-hurricane sandy fundraiser-tribeca-financial district-lower Manhattan-east village-nyc-untapped citiesBuy one of these lightbulbs from the Hurricane Sandy blackout and donate to help Hurricane Sandy victims. (Image via SoPo Electric)

This time last year, many New York City residents were greatly affected by the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Its wrath was indiscriminate, changing the lives of poor, working class, and wealthier members of coastal communities. Many families have yet to receive federal funding designated for them, and remain unable to repair their homes. Many business owners suffered a loss of livelihood or have struggled to return to a level of  functionality before the storm. SoPo Electric, made up of individuals based out of the East Village, is harvesting these stories and offering a chance to give back to those who have lost so much. Fifty darkened light bulbs collected from local businesses in every affected neighborhood are made into commemorative art pieces that you can buy, to give the proceeds to these families.

Founder Sarah Kraus reflects on the effect of Hurricane Sandy on these East Village neighborhoods, “When the power went out, we were all just stuck. Local businesses answered the call to keep their neighbors fed, entertained, and safe. During those five days their resilient attitude was contagious. It’s that attitude we want to commemorate.” These business that helped out so many residents, recalled lead designer Joe Razza, have yet to bounce back from the storm. They have assembled these light bulbs as a reminder of the businesses that “are far from getting out of the dark.” Mind you, you’re still paying $100 for a light bulb that doesn’t work. The interesting thing about these fixtures is that SoPo Electric, which stands for South of Power, has taken the time to affix a hand­numbered tag with the name, address and neighborhood of the bulb’s origin, as well as a brief description of the project’s ambition.

lighthouse-sopo electric-nyc-untapped citiesOwn this piece of Little Italy from The Light House

pimps and pinups-sopo electric-nyc-untapped citiesOr this Lower East Side piece from Pimps & Pinups!

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