If there’s something to know about working at Untapped Cities, it’s that founder Michelle Young has a little obsession with the Peanuts (and Space Invaders, which are scattered in secret places throughout the office). The wireless network is Woodstock, and as she says, “It’s unfortunately not the music festival, but who doesn’t love the Peanuts?” And so when this link from Gothamist got passed around today, we had to post about it.

Mashable recreated in flash mob form the iconic scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas to the tune of the Vince Guaraldi trio next to the Flatiron Building. The video alternates between scenes of the actual TV special (played on a TV sitting in recent snow) and real life performers. First, Schroeder arrives with his famous mini piano and starts banging away. Then we see Pig-Pen on bass swinging his arms and plucking the strings. Then the rest of the gang like Linus and Sally arrive, and finally Snoopy on guitar.

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