Bedford Avenue-Diner-Paris-12 rue de Champ de Mars-4

When culling together our ongoing NYC v. Paris series on all the quirky things that exist in both cities, through Brooklyn Based we came across “Bedford Diner” in Paris that claims to be on both Bedford Avenue and Champ de Mars St. The real funny thing about this whole thing is that nothing on this logo is correct. There’s no counterpart diner on Bedford Avenue and they’ve Anglicized rue de Champ de Mars into “Champ de Mars St.”

Bedford Avenue-Diner-Paris-12 rue de Champ de Mars-2“Bedford Avenue” diner in Paris

Bedford Avenue-Brooklyn-Diner-Paris-12 rue de Champ de Mars

In Brooklyn, there’s The Bedford but it’s more of a pub. Then there’s Diner on Broadway and Berry in Williamsburg which is probably the closest thing, but it’s not on Bedford Avenue. It’s also clear the Bedford Diner in Paris is going for a more quintessential New York feel with its tiled walls, ceiling fans and woody interior (more a la 5 Napkin Burger or Schiller’s). Brooklyn Based asked owner Andrew Tarlow, who said of the Parisian counterpart, “I had never heard of it until I saw your instagram photo. I wonder if the owners in Paris even know we exist. Parisians can be like that sometimes.” By most accounts, the food appears to be far superior in its original location–Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Diner-Broadway-Berry-Bedford-Williamsburgh_2Diner on Broadway and Berry in Williamsburg, in a Kulllman car from the 1920s

Brooklyn Diner-Broadway-Berry-Bedford-Williamsburgh_1Logo of the Diner on Broadway

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