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The 42-story skyscraper at 17 State Street in the Financial District of New York City was designed by Emery Roth & Sons, one of the oldest architecture firms in the United States. They’ve designed over 200 buildings in the city, more than any other firm. This week’s doodle is an abstraction of the facade with reference to the building’s colors.

Although 17 State Street is the same height as its neighbors, the mirrored curtain wall façade of 17 State Street sticks out on among the straight-sided black buildings on either side of it, on the southernmost tip of Manhattan. The curved facade elegantly distorts reflecting images and changes colors depending on the weather and light.

The building was built on the site of the Semen’s Church Institute, which only occupied the plot for about 20 years. During the demolition of the Institute and before the construction of 17 State Street the Landmarks Preservation Commission expressed interest in studying the site for possible archeological significance. The commission believed the lot contained artifacts that would have shed light on the early 18th century and the domestic customs of the Jewish families that occupied the land at that time.

Forgoing a mandated city Environmental Quality Review, construction began before a dig was even organized. As penance the building dedicated space on its first floors for an urban archeology museum called “New York Unearthed.” This short lived museum (1990-2005) was a journey through New York City’s past. In 201, a 250 year old “6-pounder” cannon was the only artifact left, probably because it was too heavy to move, or steal.

 Thanks to Untapped reader, Brianna Meister for this building suggestion!

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