1. Abandoned Myrtle Avenue

1-Myrtle Ave-Subway Station-Abandoned-Art-New York-Untapped CitiesA rendering of the installed art piece at the abandoned Myrtle Ave subway station. Source:MTA

Closed in 1956, Myrtle Ave subway station used to run on the BMT line between Manhattan Bridge and DeKalb Avenue. The northbound platform still exists and an artwork called Masstransiscope by Bill Brand is located inide. Installed in 1980, the piece works like a giant zoetrope. The artwork is painted on a 300 feet of reflected material and the inside is illuminated by fluorescent lights. The piece was restored in 2008 and after another restoration this year, you can finally check it out again. See here for a video.

Bonus: There’s also a real Roy Lichtenstein, signed, right in Times Square!

There’s even art on the regional transit lines–check out what’s at the Huntington Station on Long Island. Also see our series on sequential art in NYC.

This article was written collectively by Michelle Young, Isabelle Yisak, Kristen Gaylord and Kelli Trapnell.