Look behind, in between and beyond the monumental marble walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Musuem of Natural History for some of New York City’s more eccentric museums. This week we explores those more unusual museums and libraries dedicated to iconic toys, wizardry, and the legacy of the mob.

10. The Troll Museum

It all started when owner Reverend Jen got her first troll doll Ariana at the age of nine. Her collection has long since grown to fill a Lower East Side apartment. Booking a tour at the Troll Museum will allow you to enter Reverend Jen’s world filled with costumed troll dolls and hear the inside stories of some haunted and cursed dolls in the collection.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Off-the-Radar Museums in NYC

  1. You excluded the marvelous Nicholas Roerich Musem on 107th Street with the exhibit of his magnificent paintings.

  2. Who knew NYC had so many quirky museums! Most of these sound like really interesting places (not sure about the elevator museum, but maybe that’s just me!).

  3. Louis Armstrong House is a really nice place. I took my kids there in 2010. We had a great time. They were very impressed by the gold fixtures in the bathroom.

  4. This is an awesome collection of the lesser known New York city museums. I’d love to visit some of these offbeat places the next time I’m in New York. One that people tend to skip over right in Times Square is Discovery’s exhibition center. I think their latest exhibits have something for everyone–artistic sculptures made entirely out of legos anyone? I try to keep an eye out for their special events here too http://www.discoverytsx.com/special-events/upcoming.

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