3. Île Seguin

In between the west Parisian suburbs of Boulonge-Billancourt and Sèvres lies Île Seguin, an island perched right in the middle of the river Seine. Bought by Louis Renault in 1919, the island soon became home to the biggest factory in France, producing Renault cars until the last one wheeled its way onto dry land in 1992. The onset of 2005 saw the demolition of the last of the factory buildings – despite pleas that this important part of France’s industrial heritage should be saved. However, all is not lost as Pritzker prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel has plans well underway to transform the area into a smorgasbord of artistic possibilities. The cultural hub is set to be home to the likes of a music venue, a concert hall, an art gallery and a four-hectare garden boasting an array of restaurants and fashion boutiques.