The temperatures in the northeast have been ominously warm this week. New Yorkers have taken to wrapping themselves in false senses of security instead of overcoats, but the pragmatists (you might call us pessimists, but we’re just being realistic) among us know that the next pendulum swing of the weather is probably already in motion. We take precautions. We wear our light jackets on top of onion-esque layers of shirts and sweaters in case of sudden temperature drops, and we always wear scarves.


Last weekend, I spotted a fellow realist while wandering around in Prospect Heights. The temperature was hovering around fifty degrees, but this guy had twisted his scarf into a doughnut of warmth around his neck. A knit hat and autumn-appropriate leather jacket completed the puzzle, though he did have an extra layer of warmth that’s out of my reach. I’ve always been jealous of beard-havers for their ability to grow sweaters on their faces.

Wherever you fall on the optimist/pessimist continuum, you might as well enjoy the mild weather while you can until we’re all sucked into the next polar vortex and transformed into dirty, complaining icicles. What’s the point of weather if you can’t complain about it, after all?

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